A neutral moon not far from Toydaria, Rugosa was the intended rendezvous point for Jedi Master Yoda and King Katuunko of the Toydarians during the Clone Wars. There, they were to negotiate a treaty that would transform Toydaria into a key Republic outpost in Hutt Space. Unfortunately, Separatist spies intercepted word of the meeting, and Confederacy warships ambushed Yoda’s vessel en route to Rugosa. Yoda survived the attack, reaching Rugosa’s surface via escape pod along with a trio of clone troopers. There, he had to face an entire battle droid battalion as he cut his way through to King Katuunko to cement the alliance with the Toydarians.

Rugosa was once an ocean covered world whose waters have vanished, exposing vast expanses of coral forests and reef canyons. It is known to be home to tiny neebrays that flit among the coral trees.


Dried coral forests and caves

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