Lando Calrissian



Card player, gambler, scoundrel… Lando Calrissian preferred to operate outside the jurisdiction of the Empire. As administrator of Cloud City, a Tibanna gas mining facility hovering in the atmosphere of the planet Bespin, Lando welcomes his old friend Han Solo along with Leia, Chewbacca, Artoo and Threepio after their harrowing escape from the Empire on Hoth. But not all was what it seemed — Lando had in fact made a deal with Darth Vader to capture the unfortunate Captain Solo in exchange for the security of Cloud City and its people. It was a deal Calrissian was set up to lose.

With Solo captured, frozen in carbonite, and taken to the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt, Lando recognized the gravity of his betrayal and seized the initiative to redeem himself. After freeing Solo’s friends and warning Cloud City’s residents of the impending Imperial takeover, he fled with Leia and the others to the Rebel Alliance where he helped mount Han Solo’s rescue from Jabba the Hutt. Later, as a general in the Alliance, Calrissian led a starfighter attack which resulted in the destruction of the Empire’s second Death Star.


A particularly good-looking human
1.78 meters
Blaster pistol, devastating smile
Rebel Alliance
Millennium Falcon

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