Gungan Grand Army



In contrast to the peaceful human colonists of Naboo, the native Gungans are a proud warrior species. The amphibians have long maintained a huge standing army — the Gungan Grand Army — as one of their proudest traditions. The martial nature of the Gungans has caused tension between the natives and the Naboo for centuries.

The Gungans prefer technology that is harmonious with the ecology of their world. Their weaponry is no different. The Gungan Grand Army uses domesticated animals for transport — Gungan scouts ride swift-footed kaadu into combat, while hardy falumpasets and fambaas haul heavy weapons and shield generators into place. Gungans use the exotic, energetic plasma mined from Naboo’s crust not only to power their cities, but also as ammunition for their weapons.


Boomers, catapults, cestas, atatl, electropoles and slings
Allied to the Galactic Republic
Kaadu, falumpasets, faamba

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