Conceptual Art and Artistic Concepts For The Original Trilogy

Through every movie there are thousands of shots, effects and miniatures. But where do those ideas come from? In each movie there was a team of people creating what they thought the film would go by in size and comparison. Through video games and TV shows too. Here are some of the most valued concepts. They all started with Ralph McQuarrie doing paintings and scetches for George (Lucas) in 1975-1976.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope-

In 1975 George hired Ralph to do some works for the film. His concepts were at first  were of the early story line, and as the strory fleshed out he created more permanent paintings. Originally C-3PO and R2-D2 were aristocratss and followed Starkiller, who is now Luke. Chewie was a dog and Han had green skin and gills. Leia was the princess of Organa Major wich was blown up by Darth Vader who was the Grand Moff Tarkin character while the Emporer was portrayed as the dark masked Vader, which was in the earliest version of the script.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back-


In “Empire” the script didn’t differ to much through drafts. THe people did though. Yoda, according to Irvin Kershner, was 8 feet tall and blue with a beard. A new villian made its way into “Empire,” Boba Fett, was originnaly white and had no cape and his costume was a bit more clean and sleek. Vader and Luke took a big step in revealing Luke’s paarentage, a monumental scene and probably the most iconic in the saga. From this pont on there was not much that change in the characters except for the training of Luke and his becoming-a-Jedi moments.
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi-
“Jedi” was a production directed by Richard Marquand who had very minimal special effects experience. The picture was shot in Nevada instead of Tunisia for the Tatooine scenes, and the Red Wood Forests of California for Endor. The planet was originally home to the Wookiees, and then it went to Ewoks and Yuzzums, whho at thispoint were 20 feet tall and were supposed to be played by stilt walkers. Instead they weren’t used on Endor and you see one in Jabba’s palce but it is only 6 feet tall. Jabba on the other hand was designd again since he originally appeared in Episode IV. He went though many different stages and becamr essentially a giant slug. In the original script, the final duel took place underground in the Emperial Palace where the Mustafar sequence was based on.
Now here are the Original Trilogy Concepts-

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