Insider Excerpt: Making Maquettes

March 21, 2011
Skilled sculptor Darren Marshall’s maquettes have played an essential role in establishing the look of some of the most beloved characters in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Here’s an extract from an interview with the sculptor in the latest issue of Insider…

Which was the first character you built for the show?

It was Count Dooku. That was the very first thing we started with back in 2005. It was just a head maquette. His look was very extreme…as it still is.

Tarkin made his debut on The Clone Wars during Season Three. Is it fun to play with those established actors’ features and exaggerate them?

It’s great fun! That was one of my favorite characters to do. I grew up with all the Hammer films — which featured Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee — so that was a major one for me. I love the British bad guys in Star Wars, and both actors have great, expressive faces that work well for our show.

Your work was presented to George Lucas in the initial pitch for the show. What was his reaction and what notes did he supply?

They showed him the original maquettes that I built. Originally we did full figures of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka. The production team experimented with extreme lighting, and they took some photographs to see how the stylized features of faces would work under different lighting conditions. George responded really well to the maquettes and the pitch — which was great for us, because I was really nervous. Dave was in that meeting with George and I remember him coming out and being really excited by the reaction he got. That was a great sign for us.

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Star Wars Insider issue #124 highlights:

A preview of the return of Chewbacca as the Wookiees face their deadliest foes in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Behind the scenes on Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Skilled sculptor Darren Marshall on establishing the look of some of the show’s most beloved characters
Paul Hirsch talks about his oscar-winning work as one of the editing team of A New Hope
The Making of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars with Co-Project Lead Andrew Bell
All the latest previews in our dedicated Blaster section, including The Clone Wars 3-D book, a big summer of comics from Dark Horse, and Hasbro’s new range of Star Wars: The Clone Wars action figures!
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