Become Your Own Jedi


Debuting today at San Diego Comic-Con International, the “Become Your Own Jedi” costume line from Museum Replicas Limited will allow consumers to create their own unique Jedi costume from a high-end selection of mix-and-match garments.

For the first time, fans can design and create their own complete and totally unique Jedi ensemble, utilizing replica costume pieces from the Star Wars films. All of the costume pieces in this collection were designed directly from the screen-used clothing, housed at the Lucasfilm Archives. Months of study and research have gone into making these costumes as close to the on-screen counterparts.

In addition, Museum Replicas has launched an online Jedi Interactive Design Lab. Customers will be able to mix-and-match the various components of apparel, configuring hundreds of possibilities, while seeing their final Jedi creation take shape before their eyes! “Star Wars fans have never had such a unique interactive costume experience,” says Dave Di Pietro, Director of New Product Development. “The remarkable popularity of high-end collectibles and costumes for discerning Star Wars enthusiasts is constantly growing.”

Whether fans decide to be a Padawan or Jedi Master, Museum Replicas knows that everyone will have a fun experience building their original Jedi character.

This new line of costumes is available now through and can be seen in person at their showroom in Conyers, GA.


As Credited to the OFficial Star Wars Site


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