How to Draw Captain Rex


Drawing lightly with a pencil, create a framework using basic shapes like circles and ovals. This will tell you where the shoulders are, elbows, etc.


Now it’s time to flesh out your body shapes a bit more. Again, very lightly with your pencil, draw the arms, belt, blasters, head and torso.


Once you have the basic structure of the body in place, you can start adding in details, such as the helmet lines and shoulder plates. Feel free to erase and redraw your lines until they look just right.


Continue to add details to Rex’s armor, belt and blasters. Be sure to draw his fingers as well. Illustrating hands and figures can be tricky. A good way to teach yourself how to draw them more accurately is to take digital photos of your own hands in various poses. You can then use those photos as reference for when you’re drawing.


Go over your final lines with a pen or marker. Once your ink lines are dry, erase the pencil lines. Or use heavier pencil lines over the lighter ones. However you decide to finish your drawing is completely up to you.


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