Otah Gunga


Beneath the surface of Lake Paonga on Naboo is a spectacular Gungan city. A crowning achievement of unique Gungan technology, the city appears as a glittering cluster of jewel-like bubbles connected together in the dark waters. The bubbles are hydrostatic force-fields that contain breathable atmospheres for the city’s inhabitants. Though they are rigid enough to keep the water out, they can be breached by Gungans swimming to and from the city. The architecture of Otoh Gunga is sweeping in shape because Gungans actually grow the building material of their cities, and the elegant structures contained within the bubbles consist of curving forms that look alive. Inside Otoh Gunga is the High Board Room of the Gungan Rep Council. This is home to the government of the Gungans, where their leader, or Boss, resided.



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