Star Wars Holiday Gift Ideas from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek recently revealed several new additions to its Star Warsproduct line, just in time for the holidays! While some of these items are not yet available at ThinkGeek’s site, we wanted to send a heads-up in case you’re putting together your gift list!

Star Wars Breakfast Beverages — The perfect gift for every man, woman or Wookiee. Each beverage comes in a collectible metal lithographed tin featuring unique illustrations. The set of three includes Vader Dark Roast Coffee for a taste of the dark side, Hoth Cocoa for those cold nights, and Yoda Dagobah Green Tea to help find your true self. The set is available now for $29.99.

Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar — A tasty confection sure to satisfy the bounty hunter in your life, this delicious homage to The Empire Strikes Back is 4.5 ounces of premium Belgian dark chocolate. Available soon for $11.99.


Lightsaber Candlestick — Fine dining for a more civilized age, this precision replica of Darth Vader’s lightsaber is cast in zinc-alloy and chrome plated and comes with three no-drip red taper candles. The circular base unscrews to provide a more authentic look to the saber hilt for the true Star Wars collector. Available soon for $39.99.

Death Star Attack Shirt — Building on ThinkGeek’s popular line of interactive clothing, this t-shirt puts a firing Death Star right on your chest with both lights and sound. Once the fire button is pressed, a series of warm-up noises will play, followed by the Death Star lighting up and firing (be sure to click on the link to check out the super-laser animation!). Available soon for $29.99.

As Credited to the STAR WARS BLOG



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