Typographic Star WarsPosters to Benefit Children

September 27, 2011

H-57 Creative Station, a boutique advertising agency and design studio based in Milan, Italy, had a small idea that blossomed into an Internet

Its three principles, Matteo Civaschi, Gianmarco Milesi, and Sabrina Di Gregorio, all happen to be huge Star Wars fans and last November they decided to make a series of promotional posters of Star Wars characters exclusively through the use of existing—and mostly older—
type fonts. They printed some as gifts for customers to show H-57’s creativity. Then the images of Darth Vader, Yoda, and a Stormtrooper—using typefaces with names like Bodoni Bold and Helvetica Light Condensed—were posted online and within days went viral. The agency received hundreds of emails from new fans all over the world.

“This project was born from a small home accident,” said Civaschi, executive creative director and senior designer. “My cat ‘Rommel’ was playing in the library and made my Darth Vader mask fall. When I picked it up, the mask was upside down, and I started examining all its elements. Looking at the upside down mouth, which is made in a shape of a pyramid with some slits, I realized that it formed a ‘W.’ From that point, I had the idea to recreate Darth Vader’s face using only typography.”

Lucasfilm employee and Star Wars collector and author Steve Sansweet contacted the agency to learn the story behind the posters, and a discussion began about how it might be possible to satisfy fans’ desires, since the posters couldn’t be sold directly without a license. Now, H-57 is organizing an online sale of a limited number of the Star Wars typeface posters to benefit Make-a-Wish Italy, part of the worldwide group of organizations that raise money to grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

H-57 said it will offer a total of 300 of each of the three poster designs to be sold on eBay starting October 21st. The posters, with the Star Warslogo, will be 50×70 cm and be stamped and numbered. In addition, starting November 24th in Milan, a special event will kick off the sale of an even more limited 33 “special edition” of the three posters printed on canvas and sized at 70×100 cm. These will also be available on eBay. The event will take place at First Floor Under, which is a Milan based creativity and photography blog and digital publishing house (www.firstfloorunder.com). All the funds raised will be donated to Make-A Wish Italy. Full details will be posted soon on the H-57 website.

“We are really happy because these posters helped us meet and know many enthusiastic people who loved our work along with a lot of Star Wars fans,” said H-57’s Di Gregorio. “We think this is the perfect happy ending for this beautiful project. We would like to thank the Lucasfilm employees who were patient, sensitive, and really collaborative in helping us create this wonderful opportunity.”



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